joi, 5 iulie 2018

Children at the World Cup 2018 Stadium (Photos)

There is no age for sports!

The people on the World Cup 2018 stands to prove this.

Besides the strong presence of the gentle sex that we have already noted, at the World Cup in Russia, cameras and cameras also captured many children who also experienced the emotions of the game.

Like the big and the little fans, they were properly prepared - with painted faces, flags, fancy items and wide-eyed eyes.

Kid's smiles gave extra charge to the stands. The little fans have been experiencing every emotion of what's happening on the pitch, and photographers have not missed to shoot the minions.

Football can also be beautiful.

Without violence. Without giving up justice with clubs among fans. Without aggression.

Football is a game and emotion that everyone can and must experience.

Kids mostly!

Cristiano Ronaldo is looking for a house in Turin

Real Madrid Megastore Cristiano Ronaldo is looking for a house in Turin, according to Madrid's Marca. According to the information of two weeks, CR7 people are looking for suitable accommodation in the Alpine town. Italy continues to speculate that the captain of Portugal is one step away from a noisy transfer to Juventus.

It is even mentioned that one of the options is the former home of Fabio Cannavaro, who played for the bianconers from 2004 to 2006. The Spanish media seem convinced that Ronaldo's "Santiago Bernabeu" is over.