joi, 15 martie 2018

Valencia will celebrate a happy 99th birthday

Valencia will celebrate a happy birthday this Sunday, since it will be 99 years old in a good time of play and results, after two years in which he celebrated it depressed and without encouragement as a result of the sports situation that crossed.

The club of Mestalla is approaching the last birthday before its centenary after having been imposed by 0-2 against Sevilla in a key game for their aspirations to play the next Champions League.

Regardless of the result of this Saturday against Alavés on the eve of the anniversary, the Valencian team is immersed in a good dynamic globally and with many possibilities to achieve its goal of returning to Europe.

Nothing has to do with its current panorama with those that were on March 18 two years ago and the past, when Valencia lived moments of turbulence, with the most view in the low area than in the top of the classification.

British politicians and royalty will boycott World Cup in Russia

Political leaders and members of British royalty will abstain from attending the World Cup in Russia in protest at the attack with a toxic substance against a former Russian spy on English soil, it was officially reported on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Theresa May told the House of Commons on Wednesday that the attempt to assassinate former spy Sergei Skripal and her daughter in Salisbury constitutes "an illegal use of force by the Russian state" against Britain.

"Given such an offense against our country, this relationship (with Russia) can not continue its current course," said May.

This implies that political leaders and members of British royalty will not go to the World Cup to be held between June 14 and July 15 in Russia. May did not mention the possibility that the English national team boycotted the tournament, something that some leaders have suggested.

The Football Association of England, whose president is Prince William, has not commented on the political tensions between Britain and Russia.

Russian football leaders reacted with indifference.

"It does not matter so much that the political leaders do not come, that's their problem," said Nikolai Simonyan, vice president of the Russian Football Union, according to the Interfax news agency. "What matters is that the team and the team come Wants to come".

You would never guess which car you gave Sergio Ramos for his birthday

Neither expensive nor ostentatious. The idolologist of the gift was his brother, René Ramos.

The classics are fashionable. It seems that they escape the criminalization that cars suffer today - and even the envy generated by the most expensive - and that's why everyone has thought it was great, and even chic, that Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid defender , with the capacity to acquire a much more expensive car, has appeared dressed in period at the controls of his brand new Seat 600 in the training of his team in Valdebebas.

"The classics never die", he has written in two languages ​​(Spanish in English) the soccer player in his Instagram profile while boasting of his brand new cherry color car that is the birthday gift of his brother, René Ramos.